Refreshed for the Journey

Creative Expressions with a Touch of Knits

Creative, a simple and elegant word yet so powerful.

Expressions comes in many forms and it changes things we see. In these economic times it is easy to be distracted and discouraged, but we must be grounded in the word of God. It is the only thing that will keep us in perfect peace.

Expressions come from the heart, inspired deeply by the word of God and with the inspiration of that, I put to writing words of expressions from me and the word of God.

Why Expressions? devotional cards is getting very hard to find with the closure of many Christian bookstores in Canada, the increasing demand of on line shopping limits those who are not comfortable ordering from websites.

Creative Expressions, with a Touch of Knits,  has been the added comfort to any Christian comforting them with the word of God for those hard and difficult days. As well as Knit expressions of all forms.

Be refreshed as you see samples of my work and how it has already been a blessing to those I have given these devotional cards to.


Opal Berry

Creative Expressionist

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