Refreshed for the Journey

My love and passion for writing has pushed me into the endless possibilities of using this powerful gift to bless people.Anyone who wants to hear or read an uplifting word that will encourage them to live another day, pursue all that God has for them, staying focus in this turbulent economic times. Whatever it may be people need to know Jesus loves them and He died for them. They need to know that love in many forms of deeds and actions from the Church.

Expressions is determined to help in making devotional cards that are from the word of God, and inspirations from me to help people in these troubled times. All expressions are from the word of God, nothing is duplicated, my thoughts are from my personal experiences with the Lord, and of course everyday living.

Creative Expression with A Touch of Knits, makes wonderful gifts for anyone including wedding gifts or a keepsake for special events like concerts, theater any event that would be memorable for you and your guests. They make great evangelizing tool to reach your friends and loved ones to know Christ.

Devotional cards consist of everything from the word of God, special custom cards and bookmarks are honoured if you are wanting a specific evangelizing expression that will speak volumes. What a better way to share the love of Christ in passing a simple business size card of hope, joy and peace to someone who is in need of a encouraging word. 

There is no limit to creative expressions because it give you the opportunity to express what is in your heart!  That makes it Personal!

I am a living testament of God's divine healing from Sickle Cell Anemia and writing is my passion and will always be until the day I die. The word of God has been the pillar for my continued healing,  God's grace and favour for me to continue to honouring Him with the gift of writing in all forms of expressions. It is all for HIM! not about or for me.

So please know that it is my joy and privilege to share this wonderful gift with you. Your support is truly appreciated.

Opal Berry
Creative Expressionist

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